100 Cols 2019 reports day-by-day

100 Cols Map

100+ Cols / 2500 miles / 225,000 feet of climbing

“And in the space of a few short hours, life had been reduced from a highly complex existence, with a thousand petty problems, to one of the barest simplicity in which one real task remained – the achievement of the goal.”

-A. Lansing • Endurance


Day 1 – July 4

Saverne to Grandvillers

83.86 miles, 6890 feet

  1. Col de Valsberg
  2. Col de St. Leon
  3. Col de l’Engin
  4. Col du Donon
  5. Col de Prayé
  6. Col de Mon Repos

Needed to true my wheel at start, got bent in shipping.Tried oeufs cocotte, shirred eggs – awesome! Stacy’s saddlebag loop broke on her saddle. First night’s hotel booked off route, changed to one on route.

Day 2 – July 5

Grandvillers to Il-sur-til

108.69 mi, 6457 feet, no Cols today

Hot, in the 90s Rolling hills & deciduous forests.Boeuf bourgenon for dinner.

Day 3 –  July 6

Is-sur-Tille to Chassey-le-Camp

673.13 mi, 4705 feet, no Cols today

Woke to thunder, lighting and rain.Started clearing after breakfast, cloudy in am, clear in pm. No rain.Entered Burgundy. Saw deer.Thunder/lightning evening Lunch Beaune. Ice cream in Santenay.

Day 4 – July 7

Chassey-le-Camp to Lamure-sur-Azergues

86.11mi, 6,936′

7. Col de Brançion

8. Col de la Percée

9. Col des Quatre Vents

10. Col de la Croix de l’Orme

11. Col de Crie

12. Col de la Casse Froide

Hot and humid again but no rain

Stayed at Chateau de Pramenoux 2km off route up steep hill. Norisham made us a fantastic dinner. Escargot, Duck, potatoes gratin grilled tomato, chocolate baked apple. Interesting spices like coconut milk, curry, etc

Day 5 – July 8

Lamure-sur-Azergues to Montbrison

55.32 mi,  4,232′

13. Col de Nuizieres

14. Col de la Croix de l’Orme

15. Col des Cassettes

Not a Col, but the  26% Cote du Rochat was the toughest climb of the day.

Water & coffee in Tarare. No ribbons, TdF coming thru Saturday. Met Australians. Lunch in Salviznet, all downhill or flat from there. Crossed Loire Valley to foot of Massif Central

Day 6 – July 9

Montbrison to Brioude

72.21mi, 7,083′

16. Col de Baracuchet

17. Col des Pradeaux

Cool climb up col de Baracuchet. Rain and cold at top, stopped on descent.Long Lunch Grandrif. Water & tampon La Chaise-Dieu

Day 7 – July 10

Brioude to Jussac

72.21mi, 7,083′

18. Col d’Entremont

19. Col du Pas de Peyrol (Puy Mary)

This time we rode the Puy Mary late in pm on Wednesday instead of Saturday Morning. Much nicer, it was cool + very little traffic.

Day 8 – July 11

Jussac to Gourdon

81.55 mi, 5,745′

Many Côtes, no Cols.

First Cicadas of the trip. Saw a fox & wild hares. Duck farms, oak woodland, rolling hills, limestone canyons.

Day 9 – July 12

Gourdon to Astaffort

79.46 mi, 4,662′ No Cols today.

Rear Derailleur shifter broke just before Astaffort. Need to get it repaired before the Pyrénées.

Day 10 – July 13

Astaffort to Arzacq-Arraziguet

87.31 mi, 6,555′ – No Cols today.

Was able to get shifter repaired, but late start.  First palm trees.

Day 11 – July 14

Arzacq-Arraziguet to Lecumberry

71.45mi, 6,270′

20. Col d’Osquich

21. Col de Gamia

Deer, entered Pyrénées. Riding strong.

Day 12 – July 15

Lecumberry to Lurbe-St. Christeau

61.3 mi, 9209′

22. Col de Burdincurutcheta

23. Col Bagargui

24. Col de Soudet

Early start at 8am, finished by 6pm. Perfect climbing weather, cool & cloudy. Steep descent off Soudet. Stopped to true front wheel in just the right spot, before we descended past our turn.

Day 13 – July 16

Lurbe-St. Christeau to Luz-St. Saveur

65.00 mi, 9,518′

25. Col de Hourat

26. Col de Marie Blanque

27. Col d’Aubisque

28. Col du Soulor

29. Col de Bordères

Cool steady climb up Marie Blanque. Several big Cols, stopped for the night at Hotel at foot of Tourmalet.

Day 14 – July 17

Luz-St. Saveur to San Aventin

64.19 mi, 12,018′

30. Col du Tourmalet

31. Hourquette d’Ancizan

32. Col d’Azet

33. Col de Payresourde

Light rain climbing Tourmalet. Took the “Voie Laurent Fignon” bypass at the top, closed to motor vehicles. Cool and cloudy all day. Endless motorhomes in every possible place along the climbs, waiting to see the Tour de France. The partying had already started, and we were invited to join in.


Day 15 – July 18

San Aventin to Seix

82.04 mi, 10,758′

34. Port de Balès

35. Col de Menté

36. Col de Portet-d’Aspet

37. Col de la Core

Heavy fog to light mist to rain. Cold descent. Delayed by TdF road closure. Arrived late..

Day 16 – July 19

Seix to Chalabre

82.73 mi, 8,780′

38. Col de Latrape

39. Col d’Agnes

40. Col des Caougnous

41. Col de Péguère (aka “Mur (Wall) de Péguère” 18%)

42. Col de Py

43. Col de Charcany

44. Col de Sarnac

Last day in the Pyrénées. Cool and foggy to light rain and overcast.

Day 17 – July 20

Chalabre to Saint-Pons-de-Thomieres 

85.30 mi, 6,995′

Cicadas again, very hot. Stopped to wet jerseys at village fountains.  Stayed at Sabrina’s BnB.

Broken Brooks Saddlebag Loop + strap. Sent Stacy ahead during repair. Hot. Almost got caught behind TdF several times. In Bedoin Met Marko from Nijmeigan. He was hit from behind by a motorcyclist that broke his back and his carbon bike.

Day 18 – July 21

Saint-Pons-de-Thomieres to St. Maurice Navacelles 

87.47 mi, 7,897′

55. Col du Cabaretou

56. Col de la Bane

57. Col Notre Dame

58. Col D’Engayresque

Day 19 – July 22

St. Maurice Navacelles to Saint-Jean-du-Gard  

86.02 mi, 9,088′

Mont Aigoual.

59. Col du Minier

60. Col de la Sereyrede

61. Col de Solperiere

62. Col de L’Exil

63. Col de St. Pierre

Day 20 – July 23

Saint-Jean-du-Gard to Bedoin 

100.82 mi,  5,965′

64. Col de Peuch

65. Col de Bane

Day 21 – July 24

Bedoin to Revest-du-Bion  – Mont Ventoux

65.13 mi,  9,370′

66. Mont Ventoux

67. Pas du Voltigeur

68. Col de Macuegne

69. Col de L’Homme Mort


We left early so it was cool climbing up the first half of Ventoux. Stopped for a coffee and mineral water at the halfway restaurant then continued to the top in about 3 hours. Nice decent as it was starting to warm up then headed up the Col de L’Homme Mort as it got hotj. Frequent stops to get wet. Met Welsh racing ultra distance cyclist Tom Packard.

Day 22 – July 25

Revest-du-Bion to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie 

75.52mi, 5,194′

70. Col de L’Aire Dei Masco

Hot fairly flat stage today. Frequent stops to get wet and get mineral water/beer/coffee. Met Shinichiro Matsuki, a Japanese randonneur riding a super 600 permanent. He had started it out as an audax ride, but due to the heat he decided to finish as a tourist. He’ll be riding Paris-Brest-Paris with this year too.

Day 23 – July 26

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to Puget-Theniers

64.04mi, 6,053′

71. Col D’Ayen

72. Col de St. Barnabé

73. Col du Buis (!!)

74. Col de Felines (!!)

Cooler, Gorge du Verdon. Met the Holmgrens.

Day 24 – July 27

Puget-Theniers to Jausiers

81.29 mi, 11,736′

75. Col de la Couillole

76. Col de la Bonette

The Alps at last! Stormy weather as we headed up the Bonette. This is the day the TdF was shortened because the road was covered by snow & mudslide on the Col de l’Iseran.


We got very lucky as the rain stopped as we were climbing and it was cold and windy on top of the Bonette, but not raining or snowing.

Day 25 – July 28

Jausiers to Briançon

59.03 mi, 7,920′

78. Col de L’Ange Gardien

79. Col D’Izoard


Day 26 – July 29

Briançon to Aussois

60.44 mi, 7,805′

80. Col du Lautaret

81. Col du Galibier

82. Col du Telegraphe

Galibier. Road closure due to rockfall D902 into Forneaux.

Day 27 – July 30

Aussois to Seez 

59.67 mi, 5,981′

83. Col de la Madeleine

84. Col de L’Iseran

Nice weather, lunch in medieval village, Met the Williams on top of Iseran, busy road on descent after Val D’Isere.

Day 28 – July 31

Seez to Notre Dame de Bellecombe

47.05 mi, 7,657′

85. Cormet de Roselend

86. Col du Pré

87. Col des Saisies

Last day in the Alps. We were afraid the Cormet de Roselend might be closed since the TdF has altered their route to avoid it. Fortunately we found it open, although the road crews were working hard to clean up the mudslides.

Day 29 – August 1

Notre Dame de Bellecombe to Culoz 

80.84 mi, 8,593′

88. Col des Aravis

89. Col de la Croix Fry

90. Col de la Frétallaz

91. Col du Clergeon

Met Wim, another 100Cols rider,  just past Notre Dame de Bellecombe.


Day 30 – August 2

Culoz to Saint-Claud 

64.12 mi, 8,409′

92. Col du Grand Colombier(!)

93. Col de Berentin

94. Col de la Croix de la Serra

Cool and clearing for Colombier climb. Picnic lunch.

Day 31 – August 3

Saint-Claude to Lods

74.82 mi, 5,361′

95. Col de St. Sorlin

Day 32 – August 4

Lods to Ballon d’Alsace 

  • 88.25 mi, 8,291′

96. Col de Ferriere

97. Col du Ballon D’Alsace

Day 33 – August 5

Ballon d’Alsace to Munster

51.66 mi, 4,606′

98. Col de Bussang

Day 34 – August 6

Munster to Le Hohwald

66.28 mi, 8,025′

99. Collet du Linge

100. Col du Calvaire

101. Col du Bonhomme

102. Col du Pré des Raves

103. Col De Ste. Marie

104. Col D’Urbeis

105. Col de la Charbonniere

106. Col du Kreuzweg

Day 35 – August 7 Le Hohwald to Saverne  41.25 mi, 3,543′

107. Col du Shanz

Last day, and it rained most of the day. Stopped at a brasserie, which we thought was a restaurant, but brasserie also means brewery in French. The owner made us coffee to help us thaw out anyway and wouldn’t take any payment.

We arrived back in Saverne in the early afternoon, tired and soaked but glad to have finished the 100 Cols. Maybe a little disappointed too, that our adventure had come to an end. Next, off to Paris to recover for a week, then Paris-Brest-Paris.