2015 Orange Triple Loop 400K/600K

Once again we got to ride Terry Hutt’s Orange Triple Loop, which he runs as a 400K or a 600K.

Stacy, Michael, Phil and Jonathan at the start

Since we only needed one more ride to complete our Super Randonneur series and qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris, we rode the 400K option which only does the first two loops.

The ride makes extensive use of the great Class 1 bike paths that run along the (seasonal) rivers of Orange and Los Angeles counties. The flat terrain and absence of traffic signals allow riders to make good time in an urban area that would otherwise be very slow.

We had a special treat this year as we started the ride under a total lunar eclipse.

The route followed familiar trails and roads and was wonderfully uneventful. No flats or mechanical problems of any kind – just a pleasant cruise with old and new randonneuring friends. Highlights were stopping for pizza in Beaumont and the great food and company at the control hosted by Ruth and Kevin.

We met Luciano and Iria, two fast riders who were waiting for assistance at the Beaumont control. According to the rules of randonnuering personal support is only allowed at official checkpoints. Luciano had a broken steering tube which would have ended his ride if friends had not driven up from Long Beach with a replacement bike for him.

They both joined our small group (Michael, James, Keith, Stacy and me) for the ride down San Timoteo Canyon and back to the control in Orange.

Thanks to Terry for organizing and hosting this popular brevet. Congratulations to Pete Eade who after several unsuccesful attempts, finished his first 600K at the age of 73. Bravo Pete “Super Randonneur” Eade, and bravo Nick Maytas for riding with and encouraging Pete.

Several other riders have written reports about their experiences on this ride:

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