Matthew O’Neill memorial 200k, September 5, 2015

We had a great turnout for our 200K covering some of Matthew’s favorite local riding. Everyone wore their Matthew bracelets or t-shirts!

It was a fast start with the entire group staying together until the breakfast stop at the Somis Market. A big thank you to PCH Randos for picking up the breakfast tab for all riders!

Foster gives the pre-ride briefing

Most of the group stayed together almost to the turnaround in Santa Barbara, then lunch spread us out.

Shai and Eric rocked the course and arrived first, immediately followed by Jim Harris and Jonathan Grayson riding his beautiful orange velomobile.

We had two brand new randonneurs riding with us today, Pete Johnston and Morgan Todd and they really enjoyed their first 200K!

Jonathan demonstrateshow he single-handedly loads his beautiful new velomobile

A big thanks to Foster for organizing the ride, and to Linda and Larry Bott for opening their home to host the ride with a fully stocked BBQ at the finish!

Greg and Eric hanging out after the ride


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