October 2015 CyclingSavvy Irvine Recap

We had another great experience this past weekend teaching CyclingSavvy in Irvine with an outstanding group of students. Everyone came with a willingness to learn new techniques and problem-solving strategies and were willing to try them out on the road.  It really made our job as instructors easy. Every student came with a unique cycling history, some were new to road and club cycling, some were returning to cycling like we were several years ago, another was one of Jax Bicycles phenomenal staff members, others were bike commuters, and still others were cyclotourists. It was a wonderful mix.

With Cycling Savvy’s instructor ratio of five students to one instructor, and class sizes limited to ten per cohort, we have the time for personal attention, and the ability to teach complex traffic scenarios during class in a supportive environment.

Thanks to Lee Stebbins for volunteering to help out on Saturday as he gets ready to add Cycling Savvy Instructor to his list of cycling education credentials and to Jax Bicycles for graciously allowing us to use their Irvine shop for the “Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling” presentation.

Since we were in France this summer to ride the 100 Cols Tour and Paris-Brest-Paris, this was our first CyclingSavvy class since June and it filled quickly.

Fellow CyclingSavvy instructor Pete van Nuys, Executive Director of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition, and Greg will be leading the November CyclingSavvy class on November 12th (Truth & Techniques classroom portion) and November 14th (Train Your Bike! and Tour of Irvine, skills and road portion). Sign up for this class on the CyclingSavvy site.

If you would like to be notified about upcoming classes you can sign up for notifications in your area on the CyclingSavvy site.

Cycling Savvy Irvine Class, October 2015

We took some photos during the class, but not as many as we would have liked. You can view the entire set here.

Yes, you really can lean your bike hard in a high-speed turn, just don’t forget to keep the inside pedal up.

Brigette executes a flawless high-speed turn.

Danielle – emergency braking like a boss.

Mark carving a series of smooth, fast turns

Brigette negotiates a tricky section of roadway with ease and confidence.

One thought on “October 2015 CyclingSavvy Irvine Recap

  1. I loved this 3-part course. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about riding safely on the road. Greg and Stacy, and their helpers, were great with the information and demonstrations. I especially loved the skills training and the actual road exercises. This should be mandatory training for everyone who rides a bike on the streets.


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