Stacy Completed PBP 2019!

Stacy finished Paris-Brest-Paris in good form, still smiling and riding strong.


There are two special categories that American Randonneurs can attempt to achieve. We each got one.

Stacy arrived in 89 hours 14 minutes which qualified her for La Société Adrian Hands.

My time of 55 hours and 11 minutes qualified me for La Société Charly Miller

4 thoughts on “Stacy Completed PBP 2019!

  1. Congratulations Stacy and Greg, thanks for the words of encouragement in Carhaix…and Greg, we all want to know how you have improved so much in four years


  2. Great to meet you both, and congratulations again. Thanks for the company Stacy, really got my return leg from Brest well under way!


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